Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Magical Snow Day

This morning we woke to a beautiful white winter wonderland. Nicolas' first snow! Mommy and Daddy brought Nicolas to the window in the livingroom to see the snow. He was so excited he kept saying "NO" (snow).

Seeing snow for the first time
I went onto the front porch and made a snowball for him to play with inside. Nicolas was so excited, he wanted to touch it and taste we let him...and he ate the whole thing! He kept saying "Cold", but he wanted to keep eating it.

Mommy made you a snowball

what does it taste like?
After breakfast, we all got dressed up in our snowgear and headed out in the snow! We had a blast! He was so cute in his snowsuit...looking like a little starfish. He had fun throwing snow up in the air. Daddy had fun too, picking him up and throwing him in the snow.
trying to catch the snow

When we came inside, Daddy made some hot chocolate for us! We spent the rest of the day with a fire going in the fireplace.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed your first snowy day, my little moose.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A family dinner

Love that smile!
Tonight (November 15, 2011) we had a visit from Baboo, Bapa, Uncle Dan and Auntie Shell. We also had a special visitor Baboo's brother, your Great Uncle Rob. We had a yummy dinner, you ate roast beef for the first time (you call it uap - we don't know exactly what it is that you're trying to say).

Our little karaoke star
Both before and after dinner Baboo was having too much fun playing with Nicolas...she is so excited about being a grandma! We had to gently remind her that you need some time to quiet down after supper.  Baboo took these pictures...mommy loves all of them! That smile...Oh how I love that smile! You sang with Baboo and that made her very happy! I especially like the picture of you and your Bapa. 
a cute picture with Bapa (AKA Grandpa)