Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Little Chef

Nicolas came out of his playroom wearing his chef's hat the other morning...He then asked if I wanted him to make me pizza...I said yes, of course! (in case you're wondering, it's a basket and attached to the handle of the basket is a piece of bread and some cheese - all stuffed food toys from I.K.E.A).

Son, you are the cutest and most creative Little Moose! 

Every Day is Happy Mommy's Day

I love that Nicolas brings me flowers from the yard... dandelions and clover flowers...last week, i was reading on the front porch and I heard two snaps and when I looked up he was clambering up the stairs with these two flowers in his hands...he brought them to me and said "Happy Mommy's Day". Yes, Nicolas, it is a happy mommy's day (but next time please bring me the dandelions or clover flowers and leave the other flowers in the garden).

Sunday, June 10, 2012

One year since THE CALL

 Today marks one year since that fateful day when we finally received THE CALL the one that we'd been waiting for. That day, one year ago, started out as a really bad day. I was tired of waiting, depressed and frustrated. All of that changed that afternoon after I got a message from our resource person and called her back to find out "what was wrong now". The joke was on me, because there was nothing wrong. In fact, everything was perfect. We finally had the call that we'd been waiting for...more importantly, we finally had a SON.

This morning when Nicolas climbed into bed with me, I told him that today was a very special day. He asked if there were going to be Easter Eggs. I told him that there wouldn't be any Easter Eggs today, but that one year ago, we heard his name for the first time, and we saw his picture for the first time, and we read all about him. He doesn't understand everything yet about his adoption, but it's important for us to talk to him openly about it.

Since it was a perfectly warm and sunny day with a slight breeze we decided to spend it outside. We broke out the sprinkler and we ran through again and again! We made a picnic and ate under the oak tree in the front yard and after lunch, we had our nap wrapped in home made quilts under the oak tree. After our nap, we played in the sprinkler again and a perfect day wouldn't be complete without playing in the dirt. Daddy made hamburgers on the BBQ for supper.
Nicolas, we are so very happy that you are in our life. We know that we would not be complete without you. This past year has been incredibly emotional and life changing, and we wouldn't change a thing. You are very fortunate to have so many people in your life who love and care about and for you. We hope that you will grow up knowing how loved and special you are. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Watching Daddy leave for work

Every morning we look out the window to watch and wave as Daddy leaves for work. Sometimes Mommy holds Nicolas, sometimes he watches from his high chair. On this particular morning, Oscar and Nicolas both wanted to say good bye in the window.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

We named our son!

We officially named our son on April 16, 2012. We had a meeting to begin the paperwork for the legal process of the adoption. While we were at the meeting we were told that we needed to take extra care to make sure that all the names in the document were spelled correctly. Eric asked if we needed to add Nicolas' middle name now, or if it was done at a later date. We had to name him now. We chose to keep Nicolas' given name, and his family name was obvious, so we didn't really name him before this week when we chose his middle name. We had many conversations about what his middle name or names could be, but we had not officially decided until that meeting. We decided to name him Nicolas Xavier Seguin.

We left the meeting with goofy smiles on our faces and feeling all shaky. We just named our son!

Rocking my baby

Every once in a while mommy's and daddy's have difficult days with our Little Ones and when those days happen, I try to remember this blog post that I read back in 2009, before I was a mommy...

It talks about how quickly the Little One's grow up and to cherish the special moments with our Little Ones...I am so glad that I'm still able to rock my baby every night...

Nicolas, you are growing so quickly! Every night I check on you before I go to sleep and it seems like some nights you're bigger than you were the night before! You're growing and changing so quickly! You're such a wonderful boy...Mommy and Daddy love you very much, you're growing into quite the character and it's amazing to watch you learn and grow. Love you Little Moose