Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday

Nicolas, you turned 3 a little more than one month ago...we can hardly believe how fast you're growing and how much you learn and change every day!

On your birthday, you woke up to balloons in your room...we had been telling you for days that your birthday was on monday, so when you woke up and saw the balloons, you said "don't touch, only Monday", because you didn't know what day it was so cute! We ate breakfast and got you dressed and had some final preparations to do before your friends started arriving at 11am. Daddy had to do some errands so he went out and you stayed home with Mommy and Gram-Gram.

Daddy went to get the special pancit noodles, the bouncy house that we rented for your party and his friend Franck. You helped them to set up the bouncy house! Then your friends arrived. You all had so much fun jumping in the bouncy house! We ate lunch (home made fried chicken, bbq chicken, pancit noodles, matua (pulled pork) salads etc), opened presents and ate cake. Your cake was amazing! Auntie Shell made it...and it was so nice, that Mommy cried when she saw it!

You had such a fun day, surrounded by family and friends. It was exactly the kind of day that Mommy and Daddy hoped you would have!

We love you little Duck and we can't wait to see what this next year holds for you!

Mommy and Daddy

Wake up sleepy head! 

The balloon wreath Mommy made for you

Helping Daddy and Franck to set up the bouncy house


The coolest cake ever! 

The birthday boy