Friday, September 11, 2009


Little One...we are waiting for you! The wait is not as difficult as we anticipated, mainly because we know that you are going to come and join our family soon.

We have been planning how we will announce that you are coming to our family and friends. We have thought long and hard about it and we decided that your fuzzy friend Ferdinand the Moose (made especially for you) would go on a hunt, searching for his purpose in life. We took a bunch of silly photos of Ferdinand looking for his purpose and then finally he realizes that his true purpose in life is to be a hugable, loveable, furry friend to you...Our Little One...we have been calling you that for a while now...At the end of our book, we will paste an envelope onto the back cover we will place your announcement picture into the envelope. We have to have the books pre-printed because it takes a week or so to have them printed and we don't want to wait that long once we receive our referral to tell all of our family and friends so a photo insert at the end will do perfectly.

We ordered a sample copy for your dad and I and we received it today!'s our secret though. Oh, Little One, it is so amazing! We can hardly wait until we have your referral and we can give these gifts to our family and friends. We are so excited!

We can hardly wait for you to come and join our family...loving you already....

Your Mommy

(We made a few small changes to the book and over the weekend (Thanksgiving 2009) we ordered all the copies for our family! I can hardly wait! We'll be ready when we get the proposal to make the announcement to our families! - we're so excited about the book that we had a hard time not talking about it at our Thanksgiving dinner!)

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