Friday, September 23, 2011

Your first bottle

We had a  breakthrough last had a bottle! You have refused to take a bottle since the first day that you were with us, but mommy sensed that since you have 2 episodes at night where you're not quite awake and not quite asleep that you were probably given bottles at those times when you were with your foster family.

Last night during one of those episodes when you were not quite asleep and not quite awake mommy took a chance to make you a bottle and you took it!! It made me very happy that you took it and that i was right that is what you needed!

You woke up at 6 this morning...and asked for another bottle! So far you've had an 8 oz bottle, some champorado (chocolate oatmeal) half a banana, and some of mommy's peanut butter toast with a few more slices of banana. After breakfast mommy was treated to a short concert of songs by you! You're too cute when you sing with such passion in your face and in your voice.

Mommy read you a story (the wheels on the bus) and you retold the story as mommy went along...pointing your finger and talking very animatedly. It was very funny!

You had two visitors today, Auntie Rachelle, and our friend Nicholas (aka picnic). You had lots of fun playing with Nick...he had you laughing and running and playing.

The visit was difficult for mommy and daddy because we were tired. We still need to make sure that we don't over do our visits.

Mommy was so tired that she went to bed at 8:00 and Daddy played with you and put you to bed around 9:00.

I lub you, baby!

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