Sunday, December 18, 2011

Visiting Gram-Gram

Nicolas is very lucky to have his Gram-Gram live in the same house as him. He loves going to visit. This week was difficult for him because he wasn't able to go visit because Gram-Gram was working on a surprise for Nicolas. Every year Gram-Gram does a Christmas village under the tree. This morning the village was finally ready and we were so excited to show Nicolas!

Here's a video of the village and Nicolas hanging out at Gram-Gram's.

Gram-Gram's Christmas Village


Jennifer said...

Tammy, He is so precious! I don't think Nicholas could be any cuter. Enjoy your first Christmas together!

Bubbis said...

Thanx for sharing the video. SO nice to see Nicholas "in person". He is soooo sweet!

Merry Christmas to the proud parents and to Nicholas...I'm sure he is being spoiled and will love every minute of it. Enjoy your family time! And a blessed New Year!

Jess, Jon, Nathaniel & Fredrick xo