Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Performing Arts

We've known from Day 1 that Nicolas loved singing. The first time we saw him sing, was at our first meeting. Nicolas was in another room and Eric peeked into the room to check on him and saw him singing with a Karaoke microphone. We bought him his first microphone the next day. His singing and dancing continues to develop and brings us joy (and laughter) daily! Most recently, I was watching a show on tv that had both music and dancing, and noticed that Nicolas had stopped playing when he heard the music, and he started to dance to the music and mimic the dancers on the tv. As soon as any music starts playing....his hips start swaying-he can't help himself!

Last week, we had a play date with Nicolas' friend B who has also has been bitten by the music bug! The two had a blast playing and singing together; they both sing and often play "air instruments" (air guitar, cello, and violin to be exact). 
Singing his heart out

This morning we took Nicolas to his first play.We went to the Centaur Theatre in Old Montreal where we saw Bed Bugs by Leah Genuario performed by teens and young adults.

"The play is about a girl who likes to jump on her bed, but to the bedbugs being squished underfoot, she is the wicked witch who causes earthquakes, and other natural disasters. The microscopic citizens living under her bed are up in arms (and legs!) over the rhyme her mother says to her every night before bed: Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite. And if they do, you squeeze them tight, and then they won't bite tomorrow night. Crawling with laughs (Think A Bug¹s Life) this play is perfect for young audiences. In a fun way, it reminds us there are always two sides to every story and that conflict is best resolved peacefully."

Nicolas did great! He sat through the  whole show, and mommy only needed to break out the cookies in the last 10 minutes. He especially liked that he was able to "high-five" the bedbugs after the show.
clapping after the performance

the cast of Bed Bugs
 We're looking forward to enjoying more of the performing arts in our future!
Nicolaswe're so lucky to have you in our lives. You make us so happy and you bring us so much joy everyday. We're so happy that you're finally here with us and we're excited to watch you grow up and become the best you that you can be! Love you Little Moose!

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