Sunday, January 29, 2012

The "fun" clementine

On December 29th Nicolas was having his mid-morning snack (a clementine) and even though I was breaking the pieces in two (we know that he has some chewing issues so we're careful), he had one piece that wasn't quite broken apart, and he choked! He choked chewing a clementine!

All of a sudden, all my first aid training left my mind. I had no idea what I was supposed to do...I could remember what to do for an infant, and for an adult...I could even remember what to do for myself...but in my panic, I could not remember what to do! It was really a scary moment...I placed his diaphram on my knee and put him face down and pushed on his try to get him to spit out the clementine. I know now that it wasn't the right thing to do...I could have made the clementine get lodged in place by pushing on his back...I should have done the heimlich maneuver for kids which is the same as for an adult by the way...but in my panic state, I wasn't able to think clearly.

I'm so thankful that the clementine came out! Nicolas was fine afterwards. He told the story over and over (he still tells the story sometimes when he's given a clementine)'s his version (I can chuckle about it now that I know he's ok):

"Mommy...Alas choke teen" (Mommy, Nicolas choked on a clementine)
"Yes Nicolas, you did, you have to chew, chew using your molars (I then show him exaggerated chewing)
"Alas...(bends over and pretends to spit something on the ground)"
"Yes Nicolas the clementine came out and landed on the floor"
"No Nicolas, that was not fun" 

The end


Jennifer said...

Oh. my goodness. I should have read this one first. Oh, Nicholas, it wasn't fun for your poor mommy! It does sound like you have a VERY happy boy, there! Keep chewing, kiddo!

Renee and Brian said...

SCARY!!! I am always afraid of that happening and not knowing what to do. Thank goodness it all ended good and I hope it never happens again. Nico has quite the sense of humor though! Silly boy!!

Allison Family said...

so glad everything was okay. Yes, all the training in the world doesn't seem to help when it becomes personal and it's our loved one!!! So, happy he is okay. His version is cute although I would have to agree with you...that doesn't sound like fun!