Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year

We celebrated a quiet New Year's Eve. We stayed home (I think it's a first for us!). We had finger foods for supper and while we were eating...Nicolas initiated "Cheers!"- where does he get this from? We sometimes think he may have been raised in a bar (between the karoke and the cheers!). We looked back over the past year and found it hard to believe how much has happened in our lives this year.

We are so very grateful for Nicolas. We are settling into a happy little family life. We're still learning about him and him about us, but we're all doing well. We sometimes feel like someone pressed the fast-forward button on our lives and we're wondering when things will slow down! I have a feeling that they may never slow down again though! Gotta run...Nico's about to wake up from his nap!

Our wish for our family and our friends is peace, heath and happiness...enjoy the new year!


Renee and Brian said...

Happy New Year!! Rafael loves "cheers" as well. I think you're right when you say things will never slow down again or at least not for a very long time. I feel like time is just passing us by and I can't do everything I wish I could. That's life with children though. I hope I finally get to meet Nico this year. I think that our boys would have a blast together!!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Nicolas is soooooo cute. xxx
Stef (